Instructions and Forms

Common documents for Frisco Modern Dentistry - Christopher Tiu DMD. The following forms are copywrite protected and are solely for patients of Frisco Modern Dentistry. Any reproduction without written permission is prohibited.

 Preoperative Sedation Checklist Dr Tiu 06-Pre sedation Level 3 14-Preop sedation Nitrous20-Removal of Superficial Spots 
 IV sedation monitoring Form 08-TMD Questionnaire 15-Apicoectomy 21-Veneers--Ceramic  
 02-Anesthetics_for_Oral_Treatment 10-Patient Info elective 16-Endodontic Therapy 22-Veneers--resin  
 03-IV_Sedation_Infromed_Consent 11-Dental X-Rays 17-Post Reinforcement 23-Veneers--Temp Restorations  
 04-Confidential_Patient_Info--part_1 12-Sequence Checklist 18-Whitening in Dental Office 24-Osteoporosis  
 05-Confidential_Patient_Info--part_2 13-Appointment Sequence Form 19-Whitening outside Dental Office 25-Patient Info--Implants  


 26-Implant Placement 31-Meth Mouth 36-Physical Therapy 41-Tooth Restorations for Children
 27-Implant Prostheses 32-Tongue Piercing 37-Air Abrasion 42-Frenectomy
 28-Mini Implants 33-Tooth Nomenclature 38-Materials--Tooth Restorations 43-Informed Consent--Oral Sedation
 29-Infection Control 34-Occlusal Equilibration 39-Silver Amalgam Restorations (reference only) 44-Oral Sedation Monitoring Form
 30-Bulimia 35-Occlusal Splints 40-Tooth-colored Restorations 45-Oral Surgery--Dental Extractions consent


 46-Post-Surgery Instructions 51-Cold Sores  
 47-Consent to Take Teeth 52-Dry Mouth  
 48-Burning Mouth 53-Oral Sedation Record  
 49-Cancer in the Mouth 54-Patient instruction involving sedation  
 50-Canker Sores 09-composite consent.pdf  

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