Billing codes


Common Procedural Codes for Dr Tiu 

Extraction Codes: need to add IV sedation

 Extractions (PA and Pano within 12 Months)  
 Extraction - Surgical D7250 
 Extraction- Tooth RootsD7250 
 Extraction - Soft Tissue ImpactedD7220 
 Extraction - Partial Bony (less than 50% bone) D7230 
 Extraction - Full Bony ( more than 50% bone) D7240 


IV sedation codes 

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IV moderate sedation Initial 15minD9239
IV moderate sedation each 15minD9243


Bone Graft ( PA and Pano needed)

Bone Graft 1st SiteD4263
Bone Graft Add site in the same areaD4264


Crown Lengthening (BW and PA)
1-2 teeth/ Quad Hard TissueD4249
Scaling and Root Planing (Qt)D4341
Scaling and Root Planing (1-3 teeth)D4342
Osseous SurgeryD4260